Your views matter: Help us define the strategic direction for 2018-2021

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The United Nations Human Rights Office is defining its strategic direction for the next four years and would appreciate your input. Please fill this questionnaire to help us make the best strategic choices to stand up and stand out for defence, protection and promotion of all human rights for all.


The questionnaire targets primarily those working or familiar with human rights issues. It takes twenty minutes to complete the survey and you have until 30 April 2017 to submit it. Responses are anonymous and individual and will only be used in an aggregated way. You can go back to any of your answers until you press the "submit" button.


The results of the survey together with the information gathered from other sources (stakeholders consultations, desk reviews, lessons from the monitoring and evaluation of the current programme…) will inform the strategic choices of the United Nations Human Rights Office for 2018-2021.


We want to set strategic priorities that meet our mandated obligations; are aligned to the Secretary-General’s Strategic Framework; are commensurate with our resource base; and critically, best serve the interests of human rights- helping to fulfil the promise of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda to leave no one behind.


Thank you for your contribution!